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Why We Love The Standard, Huruvalhi Maldives (and Why You Will, Too)

March 25, 2024

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Image courtesy of The Standard, Huruvalhi Maldives

The Maldives are a veritable bucket list destination: the white-sand beaches, the turquoise waters, the overwater bungalows…

But here’s a little secret: it matters where you stay — a lot. And considering that it’s a bit of a trek to get there (long flights, layovers), you’ll want to make sure your vacation is absolutely worth it. That’s where The Standard, Huruvalhi Maldives comes in.

The Standard, Maldives is the cool new kid on the Maldives block. And it checks allll the boxes. Another plus: the resort is perfect for just about anyone, including honeymooners, groups, families, couples, solo travellers…you get the idea. We should mention, too, that a resort that caters to so many travellers is a rarity in the South Asian archipelago.

Read on to discover why we love The Standard, Maldives, and why it’s the obvious choice for your Maldives vacation.

All rooms at The Standard, Maldives are perfect

Image courtesy of The Standard, Huruvalhi Maldives

The Standard consists of 115 villas decorated in the hotel’s signature eclectic, stylishly bold style. Guests choose from overwater or beachfront villas, all of which come with a plunge pool, a private deck and loungers, an “overstocked mini bar” (sign me up) and a disco-ball-equipped shower (yes, really). And for families and friend groups, The Standard Residence is ideal. The sprawling two-bedroom villa is perched above the sea, near the hotel’s reef. Enter via the glass-floored foyer, and spend the day relaxing in the residence’s living room (complete with a central bar, of course) or in its oversized infinity pool overlooking the sea.

The Standard’s dining venues are fun & sexy — and serve food that’s *chef kiss*

Image courtesy of The Standard, Huruvalhi Maldives

At The Standard, Maldives, you won’t be at a loss for delicious, fresh food served in beautiful settings. There’s something for everyone, and various meal packages, from half-board to the full shebang, can be arranged. (We’ll help steer you in the right direction based on your preferences.)

The all-day Kula serves up international fare in an airy, plant-filled space. The restaurant’s buffet-style breakfast is included in all stays. For traditional Maldivian food (locally caught seafood, warming curries, aromatic rice dishes), head to Guduguda, where you’ll enjoy your meal seated on cozy cushions. BBQ Shak is perfect for a beachfront dinner of charcoal-grilled meats and seafood paired with homemade sauces. Grab a smoothie, coffee or snack at Joos Café, best enjoyed with a vintage book or magazine from the café’s library.

The resort’s bars embody The Standard’s signature vibrancy. Play ping pong and board games at Todis Bar, perfect for a midday refresh. In the evening, Beru Bar (slash club), home to the Maldives’ biggest disco ball, is a must.

You can get in your wellness fix

Image courtesy of The Standard, Huruvalhi Maldives

The Standard, Maldives certainly knows how to party. (In fact, the party starts as soon as you arrive at Male’s Velana International Airport, where all Standard guests can take advantage of the hotel’s private airport lounge, complete with games and snacks.) And it also knows how to recover in style. The Standard Spa will be your go-to for rejuvenating full-body treatments. (We love the After Sun treatments to give your skin some post-UV-ray TLC.)

Another plus: the spa’s hydrotherapy offerings are top-notch. Give yourself a salt scrub and mud mask in the communal hammam, bliss out in the cypress-aroma steam room and shock your body (it’s healthy shock!) with a hot-and-cold contrast shower.

There’s sunrise yoga, moonlight meditation, sound healing sessions and more. There’s also a fully equipped gym, if that’s your thing.

At The Standard, Maldives, you can do as much or as little as you please

Image courtesy of The Standard, Huruvalhi Maldives

Some holidays are meant for doing absolutely nothing. Others are meant for packing it all in. And others provide a combination of both relaxation and activity. Luckily, whichever vibe you’re after, The Standard, Maldives has your back.

The Standard, Maldives is where you can dance the night away or sleep in until noon, snorkel around the resort’s protected reef or lounge on the beach, spend the day at the spa or swim with manta rays, bring your kids…or not. (And even if you do bring the whole family, the Lil’ Shark Kids Club will keep them entertained so you and your partner can still enjoy some much-needed alone time.)

If adventure is your thing, there are watersports galore: jet ski, kayak, snorkel, windsurf, kitesurf (so many surfs!), paddle board, wakeboard, waterski…the list goes on, and on.

A trip here definitely merits at least one underwater adventure. There are diving courses for kids and adults alike, as well as underwater photography classes and even fish identification classes. (Over 220 species of marine life call the resort’s reef home.)

Looking to stay above water? Not to worry. There are numerous boat adventures to enjoy, from cocktail-friendly sunset cruises to dolphin cruises. My advice? Have the resort whisk you away to a private island, where you can spend the day doing as you please. (Chairs, blankets, snacks and wine or beer are all provided, of course.)

For an especially memorable experience, enjoy a freshly prepared dinner on an island reserved solely for you and your loved ones. It’s private dining, but better. Bubbles, bonfires and a chef-curated surf & turf menu await.

WeGalavant Perks:

  • £100 hotel / resort credit.
  • Breakfast daily.
  • Upgrade & extended check-in/out whenever possible.

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