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12 Amazing Hotels in Morocco

March 25, 2024

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Whitewashed, arched walls surround a lavish courtyard pool and palm garden in a Marrakech riad

Morocco’s hotel game is strong. There are historic riads, luxurious resorts, boutique gems — there’s really something for everyone. Below are a few of the top luxury hotels across Morocco’s vibrant and historic cities. When you connect with WeGalavant, we’ll work together to choose the ideal hotel for you based on your travel style. Plus, we can score you VIP perks at many of the top Morocco hotels. 

The 12 best hotels in Morocco

Read on for a quick look at 12 of my favourite luxury Morocco hotels in a few of Morocco’s top destinations. Of course, there are so many more properties worthy of being included. This is just a sample to kickstart your Morocco wanderlust!


Casablanca is Morocco’s largest and most cosmopolitan city, with a heavy blend of Moorish and European influences — especially the architecture, which has a bit of an Art Nouveau / Art Deco vibe. 

1. Four Seasons Hotel Casablanca: where to stay in Morocco to recover from jetlag

Within a chic room: a hardwood desk sits prominently before bay windows overlooking a Casablanca beach


Four Seasons’ Casablanca hotel is an exceptional choice if you’re looking for a stopover hotel before venturing to other destinations in Morocco. There’s a full-service spa, several reputable restaurants and a solid selection of rooms and suites.

You’ll want to make sure you book a room that checks all of the boxes for your preferences; we’ll help you choose which side of the property you want to be on (the beach, garden and landscape views all differ quite significantly). 

WeGalavant Perks at Four Seasons Hotel Casablanca:

  • When you book Four Seasons through us, you’ll enjoy exclusive Four Seasons Preferred Partner benefits. We’ll be pleased to give you more details.


The region of Marrakech-Safi is filled with diverse landscapes, bustling cities and storied culture.

In Marrakech proper, prepare for sensory overload. The city is a dazzling (and exciting) mix of aromas, lively souks and surprisingly well-preserved architecture, some of which dates back to the 11th century. Many of the best hotels in Morocco are found here, with options ranging from traditional riads to glamorous hotels and resorts.

Meanwhile, elevated experiences inspired by Morocco’s nomadic past can be found the further you venture from the region’s urban hubs.

2. La Mamounia (Marrakech): one of the most iconic luxury hotels in Morocco

A woman enters a lavish spa in the middle of a Moroccan hammam at La Mamounia


Wowing legends like Charlie Chaplin and Alfred Hitchcock alongside more infamous company — like Anna Delvey — La Mamounia has long held a reputation as one of the preeminent luxury hotels in Morocco since its opening in 1929. Grandiose decor, lavish amenities, a nearly unparalleled sense of refinement throughout its rooms, suites and spaces built like traditional riads… The place to see and be seen, La Mamounia is an exercise in discerning travel — even more so after a 2023 renovation. 

You’ll find La Mamounia only a short distance from the ruins of El Badi Palace, near the centre of the city. In fact, La Mamounia’s location is hard to beat if you’re planning on exploring Marrakech, and both the medina and several notable sights are all close by.

WeGalavant Perks at La Mamounia:

  • £75 hotel / resort credit, breakfast daily, upgrade & extended check-in/out whenever possible.

3. Royal Mansour Marrakech: a ritzy riad that seamlessly blends in with the Marrakech medina

a couch and two chairs in an opulent courtyard filled with plants, curved arches, and intricate tile work
aerial view of a rooftop hang-out area partially covered by palm trees


Featuring a riad-esque design (think of it as a riad with the amenities of a hotel), Royal Mansour Marrakech is a unique and ritzy choice. The property checks a lot of boxes: it’s in a central location andit has a lot of space (13 acres, in fact); this is a rare combination for hotels in Marrakech. 

The design here is intended to mirror the Marrakech medina. Royal Mansour is beautiful, and the extensive grounds and limited occupancy ensure guests feel a sense of exclusivity. The property is also located in a spot that’s convenient for visiting Marrakech’s most notable sights. The hotel is located only minutes from the medina, and barely a couple of blocks from the Koutoubia mosque, a gorgeous example of 12th-century architecture.

It’s worth noting that Royal Mansour has two additional properties coming soon to Casablanca and Tamuda Bay. 

WeGalavant Perks at Royal Mansour Marrakech:

  • £75 food / beverage credit, breakfast daily, upgrade & extended check-in/out whenever possible.

4. Four Seasons Resort Marrakech: a family-favourite hotel in Morocco

The riad-style grounds of Four Seasons Resort Marrakech, with opulent pool areas and gardens between clay buildings


If you know and love the Four Seasons, you’ll love the Marrakech property and its classy rooms and decor, great onsite restaurants and premier service. 

At the same time, exploration beyond the resort is highly encouraged. And if you’re traveling with kids, it’s worth noting that Four Seasons Resort Marrakech is one of the most family-friendly hotels in Morocco. The onsite kids’ club is top-tier, so parents can feel free to venture beyond the resort’s grounds (or, just to the spa) without stressing about the kids. Likewise, Four Seasons Resort Marrakech is still only a short drive from many of the city’s coolest spots.

WeGalavant Perks at Four Seasons Resort Marrakech:

  • When you book Four Seasons through us, you’ll enjoy exclusive Four Seasons Preferred Partner benefits. We’ll be pleased to give you more details.

5. Mandarin Oriental, Marrakech: a gorgeous resort set on a 50-acre garden oasis

An ornately decorated common space belonging to a suite at Mandarin Oriental, Marrakech


At many Marrakech hotels, you have to choose between beautiful rooms, covetable views and great common areas. At Mandarin Oriental, Marrakech, however, you have it all.

Manicured gardens and quiet courtyards surround elegant villas and suites enhanced by the property’s “enjoy the sun” concept, which emphasizes natural lighting. At night, this Morocco hotel comes to life with live music and entertainment, but not to the point where weary travellers can’t retire peacefully to their rooms.

Style-wise, Mandarin Oriental, Marrakech melds the brand’s classic, Hong Kong-inspired aesthetic with local designs for an overall theme that’s as unique as it is chic.

WeGalavant Perks at Mandarin Oriental, Marrakech:

  • £75 food / beverage credit, breakfast daily, upgrade whenever possible.

6. Riad Sakkan (Marrakech): an artful choice in the heart of the city

A view of the Atlas mountains from the Medina of Marrakech, with a prominent tower featured in the center

Found just outside the Marrakech medina, Riad Sakkan may be the ideal choice for travellers seeking a stay at a boutique property. The hotel offers a bold and stylish take on traditional Moroccan riads, with a theme self-described as “laidback luxury.”

The riad is built around two quiet courtyards — one filled with fountains and the other with a heated pool — and only features a dozen suites. While all are individually designed, there’s a common emphasis on artful contemporary design with overt references to traditional Moroccan design. Striking tilework and hand-carved wooden fixtures complement trendy furnishings and decor.

On the rooftop, there’s an intimate lounge area complete with a restaurant and tapasbar.

WeGalavant Perks at Riad Sakkan:

  • Welcome treat, upgrade & extended check-out whenever possible.

7. Caravan by Habitas Agafay: a throwback to the nomadic lifestyle of centuries past

From the inside of a Caravan by Habitas Agafay tent, a view of an outside patio area with the Agafay desert in the background


An experience as much as it is an (awesome) place to stay, Caravan by Habitas consists of a nomad-like settlement set in the semi-remote Agafay Desert. Instead of hotel rooms, guests choose from an array of lavishly decorated tents and small lodges. However, consider Caravan by Habitas a step above “glamping” — the vibe is rustic, but far from casual (this is very much a luxury “hotel”).

Cultural immersion is a huge part of the resort. From wellness treatments and meals to special events — like morning tea ceremonies and camelback excursions through rocky dunes — everything here is crafted with an eye on Moroccan tradition. 

The in-the-middle-of-nowhere location offers literally stellar views of the night sky and unhindered views of the Atlas Mountains, which jut out of an otherwise barren landscape. And yet, Caravan by Habitas is only around 45 minutes from Marrakech. 

WeGalavant Perks at Caravan by Habitas Agafay:

  • Complimentary air & concierge services.

8. Dar Ahlam (Skoura): a traditional kasbah, ideal for desert-bound travellers 

Manicured desert vegetation and trees conceal a Moroccan castle, the Dar Ahlam hotel


Dar Ahlam is a kasbah, a castle-like property found in Skoura, on the edge of the Moroccan desert. In the best way, staying here feels like opening a window into Morocco’s cultured past. And while the resort bears the appearance of a historical site, the accommodations and amenities are majestic. 

Meals, for example, source their ingredients from local gardens and souks, and are extravagantly prepared and served. No two are the same, offering an authentic and theatrical experience fit for the culture enthusiast and foodie alike. 

Dar Ahlam is a great starting point for desert-bound adventures. To name a few: you can traverse the dunes on camelback, enjoy a chauffeured 4×4 through picturesque valleys or tour the ancient ksar, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

WeGalavant Perks at Dar Ahlam:

  • Complimentary massage, breakfast daily, upgrade & extended check-in/out whenever possible.

Morocco’s southern Atlantic coast

The southern stretch of Morocco’s Atlantic coast is sparsely populated (at least compared to the major cities), but rich in adventure and relaxation. Many of the hotels here focus on experiences that emphasise the country’s natural beauty: paddle-boarding through quaint lagoons, surfing rough swells, off-roading through desert valleys, enjoying local hammam treatments….

9. Fairmont Taghazout Bay: a beachside retreat away from the hustle & bustle of Morocco’s major cities

Semi-open-air room at Fairmont Taghazout Bay with the calm waters of the Atlantic visible through bay doors and windows


Fairmont Taghazout Bay pampers guests while offering unimpeded access to some of the Morocco’s most scenic beaches. 

This Morocco hotel boasts a variety of onsite excitement and relaxation, including sandboarding, boxing classes and a surf club on the adrenaline-pumping side of the spectrum, as well as yoga classes and a full-service spa to refresh and unwind.

As for the hotel itself, the decor has a contemporary style infused with traditional Moroccan influences. Choose from expansive guest rooms, suites or ocean-view villas. 

WeGalavant Perks at Fairmont Taghazout Bay:

  • Hotel / resort credit, breakfast daily, upgrade & extended check-in/out whenever possible.

10. La Sultana Oualidia: a beautiful luxury hotel on Morocco’s central Atlantic coast 

A private terrace with elaborate bed setting and patio leading to an infinity pool that looks out over the Oualidia lagoon


About halfway between Casablanca and Essaouira, Morocco, La Sultana Oualidia is a boutique hotel housed in a historic, beachfront Morrocan estate. There are only a handful of (lavishly decorated) rooms, which, coupled with the hotel’s relatively remote location, makes for an especially low-key stay far from the hustle and bustle of the urban choices above.

The property is perched over the serene Oualidia Lagoon, where you can enjoy horseback riding along the shoreline, paddleboarding and more. Here is also a great place for surfing. Beginners can hit the waves of the lagoon during high tide, while experienced surfers can take to the strong currents of the Atlantic.

WeGalavant Perks at La Sultana Oualidia

  • Complimentary welcome gift, complimentary Royal Hammam treatment, upgrade & extended check-out whenever possible. 


Fes is Morocco’s cultural capital and a must-stop destination for travelers seeking to experience the country at its most authentic. The best accommodations here favour the traditional riad style, with Riad Fes and Palais AMANI being easy favourites.

Fun fact: Fes is home to one of the world’s largest car-free urban hubs, the Fes el-Bali, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

11. Riad Fes – Relais & Châteaux: stylistically one of the best hotels in Morocco

Tiled columns and archways surround an opulent courtyard filled with lavish decor and furnishings at Riad Fes, one of the top hotels in Morocco


Charming yet decidedly elevated, Riad Fes presents a unique blend of Andalusian and Moroccan design elements to create a dreamy vibe and atmosphere. All the rooms are individually designed, and separated into five different houses connected by a main home with a decadent pool (the largest in the medina). Pro tip: book the spa in advance. It’s always full. For travellers seeking a contemporary alternative, Riad Fes’ sister property Hotel Sahrai is a solid choice.

WeGalavant Perks at Riad Fes:

  • VIP welcome, breakfast daily.

WeGalavant Perks at Hotel Sahrai:

  • £35 hotel / resort credit, breakfast daily, upgrade & extended check-in/out whenever possible.

12. Palais AMANI, Fes: one of the best hotels in Morocco for local immersion

Striking Moroccan decor fills a lavish, if homey suite at Palais AMANI, Fes


Imagine wandering through the souks of Fes to gather your own ingredients for a rooftop cooking class taught by a reputable local chef. That’s just one of the incredible experiences to be had at Palais AMANI, an exciting alternative to Riad Fes that trades the former’s striking design elements for a wealth of authentic and culturally immersive experiences. That’s not to say Palais AMANI isn’t beautiful or Riad Fes isn’t adventurous; it’s simply not their mainallures, respectively.

Despite technically being the largest riadin the Fes medina, Palais AMANI is a boutique property with just 21 rooms. Translation: you get to enjoy some privacy while you sample the property’s many activities.

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