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3 Reasons We Love the Regent Seven Seas Explorer

March 25, 2024

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Image courtesy of Regent Seven Seas

If you haven’t heard the news, cruises are back. And if you’re struggling to navigate the sea of cruise lines to consider for your next cruise vacation, you’re not alone.

Well, we’re got your back, and we’re narrowing down your options. Exhibit A: Regent Seven Seas Cruises — in particular, the Regent Seven Seas Explorer, one of Regent’s luxury cruise ships. The Explorer ventures off to an impressive number of destinations, from Thailand to Canada.

Below, we’ve listed a few reasons we love the Regent Seven Seas Explorer, and why it should be a prime contender for your next ocean-bound getaway.

Reason 1: Like all of Regent’s cruises, the Regent Seven Seas Explorer is all-inclusive

Image courtesy of Regent Seven Seas

Translation? You don’t have to worry about literally anything while onboard. Yes, many cruise lines are all-inclusive, but Regent Seven Seas takes the whole all-inclusive ethos to the next level.

Alcohol is included in your trip fare (a rarity in the cruise world), and there are several open bars and lounges to enjoy, too. Another plus: you’re suite’s mini-bar is restocked on the daily with beer, soft drinks and bottled water — at no extra charge. Many cruises only select a few restaurants as part of their all-inclusive packages. Not at Regent Seven Seas. On their cruise ships, all dining venues are included, meaning all you need to think about is what you’re feeling in the moment. And did we mention all gratuities are included, too?

Unlimited WiFi, valet laundry service and thousands of shore excursions are also already factored into the up-front price. And in many instances, airport transfers, pre-cruise hotel nights and roundtrip airfare are available at no extra charge. In other words, you can actually relax — Regent Seven Seas Cruises takes the “set-it-and-forget-it” ethos seriously.

Reason 2: There are no bad rooms on the Regent Seven Seas Explorer

Image courtesy of Regent Seven Seas

Many cruises try to pack in as many people as possible, so there will inevitably be, shall I say, less-than-ideal rooms. We get it, but we also take real windows, with views of the outside world, thank you very much.

Lucky for us, accommodations on the Regent Seven Seas Explorer consist entirely of suites, all of which boast a private balcony (yes, really). We also love the big closets (always a plus), thoughtful touches (fruit, Champagne) and the fact that all the details have been meticulously selected, down to the type of mattress.

As tempting as it is, however, don’t spend allll your time in your oceanview suite. The common areas are equally detail-oriented and luxe — we’re talking Picasso on the walls. Need we say more?

Reason 3: The onboard experiences are top-notch

Image courtesy of Regent Seven Seas

If you’re afraid of growing bored, worry not. The Regent Seven Seas Explorer offers numerous experiences that make your cruise vacation feel akin to a luxury resort, but on the ocean. (And don’t forget about all those complimentary shore excursions, either.)

Cosy up with a book in the handsome library (they have lots of reading material there for you), lounge by the infinity pool, join a game of bocce ball, practice your tennis skills, run around the track, try your hand at shuffleboard — you can even practice your golf swing.

The Card Room is perfect for a little friendly competition, while the Culinary Arts Kitchen is your go-to for interactive cooking classes taught by professional chefs. La Technique Française, Bounty of the Sea, Beyond Patagonian Deliciousness and Yaya’s Greek Feast are but a few of the available classes.

Speaking of cooking: the Regent Seven Seas Explorer is the only Regent cruise ship that offers the signature Gourmet Explorer Tours. On these exclusive off-shore trips, you’ll experience a region’s unique gastronomy first hand. In the South of France, visit Nice’s bustling open-air market before sitting down to an elegant lunch at the five-star Château Eza. In Valencia, prepare for a private paella cooking class by selecting ingredients at the city’s Central Market. In Sicily, learn the art of cannoli from an expert and enjoy a leisurely lunch paired with locally made wine. We could go on. Due to the intimate, special nature of these chef-guided experiences, there is a small supplementary charge — but trust us, it’s worth it.

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